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Annnnnd we're back!

SFS Community,

October - November 2021

Classes are in full swing!!

Fall Session begins

October 25, 2021

Take class In-Person or Online

Spots are filling up fast & space is limited!

Starting in March 2020, we transitioned to Zoom and spent over a year and half conducting online classes. We all wondered what it would be like wearing masks in the theatre, working face to face again with other actors- I am here to report, we found our way and have integrated gracefully. In fact, everything feels expansive and exciting. Having been physically held back it only makes sense that many of us are raring to go. Here at SFS Theatre, rehearsals are in progress and actors are exploring the works of the best classic and contemporary playwrights we know today. Now with the Fall Session in full swing, we invite you to join us. The world needs your artistry and your talent now more than ever.


Book Private Coaching I am now taking on new actors for one on one private coaching, both In-Person and via Zoom. Productions are also in full swing and auditions are multiplying. One on One sessions are now available. Book your private for:

  • Audition preparation

  • Script analysis

  • In depth character study

  • Relaxation technique


Inspiration we love:

LA Theatre

Theatre companies are beginning to announce the 2022 Season. This line up is one we have all been waiting for almost two years for!

Slave Play by Jeremy O’Harris, The Lehman Trilogy plus many many more.Book your ticket here.


See When a virus wipes out nearly all human beings in the 21st century, those spared have lost their sight. Fast forward in a not-impossible to imagine future to see how society has found new ways to interact and survive with inner sight in this dystopian vision. Watch the Apple TV trailer here.


On her debut EP Colours Of My People, singer songwriter Nidalacombines her love of music and social justice to compose a collection of provocative, soulful, rough indie-rock that comes loaded with wise and powerful messages Listen to her first single Colours of My People here.

Film Scenes from a Marriage Bergman's classic film follows two married characters in an examination of ontological questions: What is love, loneliness, and being together? What does it mean to be “fulfilled”? Catch the modern version with Oscar Issac & Jessica Chastain. Watch the HBO Max trailer here.


LA based graffiti artist @wrdsmth aspires to inspire others on a daily basis with colorful, well chosen words crafted into indelible phrases that he written on walls around the world. City streets of Los Angeles are filled with artistry… Don’t forget to look around.


Coming in December...


Stephanie Feury

Founder & Director of SFS Theatre

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