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Stephanie Feury                Studio 

Our Acting Training

Stephanie Feury Studio is dedicated to providing artists of all mediums a forum for acting classes, online acting classes, acting workshops, and private coaching.  We invite you to engage in the process... 

Stephanie Feury’s acting class sets the actor free. She covers everything from breaking down a script to production. Incorporating Stanislavski's philosophy that knowing oneself is essential to the actor's development and growth, Stephanie guides the actor using her own unique process. Whether giving notes or working through a scene, she creates a space for the actor to take great risks. Her students have had much success in television and film and continually return to hone their craft. 

Whether for personal growth, film/TV shoot, or that last minute audition, Stephanie Feury's 1-on-1 coaching will get you prepped and ready. 

See what's playing at the Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre. World Premieres, West-coast premieres, Hollywood Fringe Festival, and so much more. Check to see what's playing now!


Our Studio


An enchanting studio theatre , filled with creative energy and bursting with opportunity. Whether you are choosing to take acting classes, do a performance, have an event, lecture, or an intimate reading with actors, the studio transforms itself to your needs. Each of our spaces offers something different; the theatre is a large open room with 36 theatre seats and connected lobby, our rehearsal room has a more casual setting perfect for rehearsals and small gatherings, and our creative studio is perfect for readings, meetings, acting workshops and creative sessions. Our studio theatre comes equipped with props, furniture, lighting and kitchen with fridge, microwave, coffee, tea and nespresso. 

Located in the heart of Hollywood our studio is accessible to many freeways, restaurants and has plenty of available street parking. With an alluring vibe and a real sense of privacy, people have said this place is the best kept secret in Hollywood.

Our Alumni


I'm proud to say it has been over 25 years of teaching and I am grateful for each and every actor who has stepped through our doors. Here's what a few of them have to say.    

                             - Stephanie


Nathan Keyes

Choosing to study with Stephanie was the most life changing path in my career. I had previously been auditing and taking every class I could find in Los Angeles. Finally a very wise manager I had at the time said “What kind of actor do you want to be?” I discussed, rather naively, the greatest actors of all time. He said, “Well then, you have to study with Stephanie Feury.” 


I’ve grown so much as an actor and have gained so many useful tools. Stephanie is an amazing guide that helps her students understand the principles behind the craft of acting, the psyche of the character, and how to nurture yourself in the process. Once I started working, I haven't stopped. Don't miss the chance to "move in your art" and "move in your life." 

Emily Osment

When you sign up to spend your time with Stephanie you commit yourself to a truly personal, introspective, magical experience with the theatre. I spent a couple hundred hours in class watching, learning, failing, trying again and feeling good through every step of becoming a more devoted actor. She provides a community based in trust, carried out with love and defined by your own imagination. The friendships I made in class will last me a lifetime, and the inner peace I found while studying something I care about is due to her thoughtful curriculum and dedication to her students. I am always grateful to her, and you will be too. Do the work!

Matt Medrano

Stephanie has forever changed my life, giving me the important foundation of self awareness, craft and technique that has helped me become a consistent working actor . Every job I do, I still use what I learned from her. This is not a studio for the half hearted. If you want to go deeper and are willing to do the work, there's no better place you'll be nurtured, guided and met with a fierce love and passion for Acting. She carries on the legacy of her acting lineage. I cannot recommend Stephanie highly enough!

Emily Osment.jpeg

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