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We couldn’t do it without You.

SFS Community,

December 2021

As many of you know, my parents owned The Loft Studio where they taught and influenced the lives of many artists over the years. One of the greatest lessons I learned from them is the importance of community. I had no idea when I started teaching 27 years ago that I would be carrying on my parents legacy. In the beginning of 2021, the future of theatre was uncertain and at moments bleak. For the first time in over 20 years of owning my own theatre, I felt unsure of what was ahead. After months and months of restructuring and shifting our classes, as time passed, it became clear how important it was to keep the lights on. To maintain a place for artists to work on their craft, to be seen, to be free, to find themselves, explore characters, collaborate with other artists, and to go beyond personal limitations. This Holiday season, I am excited and thrilled that the red doors at the Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre are still open, and the community is thriving. We look forward to making more memories in the year to come. Thank you to all of our friends and family for your constant love and support. And of course to Peggy and Bill, we could not have done it without you.

Inspiration we love:

LA Theatre

A Christmas Carol offers a brilliant interpretation of Charles Dickens’ timeless story, starring Bradley Whitford, Kate Burton, and Alex Newell. With dazzling staging, moving storytelling and many beloved Christmas carols—it’s guaranteed that you will be taken on a magically immersive experience. Get your tickets at

TV Translating to Duty/Shame and set in both Tokyo and London, “Giri/Haji” is a thriller about a detective named Kenzo Mori, who is scouring the streets to find his allegedly deceased brother, Yuto. Kenzo’s investigation of the disappearance lures him into the dangers of the corrupt underworld of London’s criminal circuit. You can find it on Netflix.


Penny and Sparrow, is a folk band from Austin, Texas. This musical duo, Kyle Jahnke and Andy Baxter, met during their time at the University of Austin and began writing and performing shortly after that. Their music is intimate, vulnerable and cinematic. Look forward to their new album, Olly Olly January 21, 2022.

Film Pabo Larrain’s Spencer, is a haunting re-imagining of a tense Christmas holiday in the life of Princess Diana. Larrain’s vision is full of dream sequences, internal and externalized pain, and metaphor-heavy dialogue. Although there is much tension in the film, the payoff is grand. In theaters now.

What to see around town:

Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena is a grand mile-long driveway of cedars that become blanketed in lights. Take a majestic cruise down the hill after it lights up December 11th to January 5th. For more information, visit - www.christmastreelane.netDon’t miss out on the Festival of Carols this holiday season at the Disney Concert Hall. With spectacular arrangements of carols and folksongs from around the world and today’s favorites performed by the Master Chorale they bring the spirit of Christmas present. Go to for more information.

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