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Automatically take into account the scale and orientation of imported images and information.Manage multiple CAD drawings with one database.Using time-saving commands, automatically create a revision history with drawing history, changes, and versions.Export/Import CAD drawings:Share your drawings with colleagues or clients, who can download or import the information. Export your drawings in a variety of file formats, including PDF, DXF, DWG, and DWF.Create flexible multi-view drawing PDFs in 3D, solid, and surface views.Create and print unlimited numbers of Revit importable PDFs with all layers and linetypes for use as business cards, invoices, and more.Calculate and annotate dimensional properties of imported CAD models.More efficient design tools:You can use the new Design Center to modify multiple CAD files simultaneously.Reduce the design time of your drawings by enabling the AutoCAD Vault function.CAD Frame tools now support volume-based AutoCAD annotation, AutoCAD callouts, marker options, and display constraints.Improved interface:Adaptive Graphics technology: With new adaptive rendering technology, AutoCAD uses the graphics rendering capability of your system to provide crisp, clear graphics in dynamic environments.Polygon Offset (POLYOFFSET): You can use this command to remove part of a polyline or polygon, or to insert a filled region.Improved fill consistency: You can use the FILL command to fill contour paths, polylines, and polygonal areas more consistently.Support for Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and the new Windows Mixed RealityMore powerful navigation commands:Create and save frequently used command shortcuts.Use a keyboard/mouse shortcut to activate/deactivate your custom shortcut.The new Options dialog allows you to add new keyboard shortcuts for existing commands, as well as add new commands to a toolbar.Additional visual improvements:Shape-based: The new shape-based GUI reduces the screen clutter caused by graphical controls.Navigation-based: You can enter almost any location in the navigation tree with relative ease.New views:3D Views: Provides 3D viewing of drawings. Use the 3D Viewport 2be273e24d


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