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Advanced Acting Workshop

For students who have previously studied with Stephanie Feury.



begins March 5th, 2024

$500 for session (6 classes)

Tuesdays - 6 to 11 pm

*this class meets once a week*

This six week course is for the advanced actor who has previously studied with Stephanie Feury:

- The secret to absorbing a script

- Character preparation

- Finding the character within you

- Tools for overcoming blocks

- Bringing in a strong performance on the first take

- Preparation for the next frontier of auditioning ​​

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**Also includes 2 hr.  Relaxation/Technique class in the price, which is held on Tuesdays at 10 am to 12 pm **  



March 5th -  April 9th, 2024

*Total of 6 classes*

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